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Bishops Castle Film Society

About Us

The Bishops Castle Film Society (BCFS) has begun its 38th season with an anticipated membership of 70. With guests, audiences occasionally reach 90, but most average around 50.
Films are shown fortnightly from September to April in the upper room of The Three Tuns in Bishops Castle

High quality films from the UK and around the world are chosen to suit a range of tastes and moods.  Big box office titles are rare; a couple of 'classic' films per season is usual.  One show will contribute to the Bishop's Castle Arts Festival .All are shown in dvd format on a good-sized screen.

David Watterson of Unofficial UK Filmsocs commented on a recent programme:
‘Another great programme with films to suit a wide range of interests and tastes.  It is such a pleasant change to see your list after so many bland society programmes.  The move towards ‘community cinemas’ has tended to cut out more challenging films.  I reckon most audiences do not mind one or two challenges in a season.

For more information on Bishop's Castle, a town of some 2,000 people in South West Shropshire, please see the official website www.bishopscastle.co.uk


Members of the current committee:

  • Paul Binding
  • Elisabeth Calvert
  • Alison Gouldstone
  • Jeff Hill (Chair)
  • Alix Nathan
  • David Simpson
  • Robin Wayne
  • Carol Wright
  • Julia Parker
  • Brett Parker
The Three Tuns, Bishops Castle


Jeff Hill: JHill@dmu.ac.uk or 01694 328261 (general enquiries)
Elisabeth Calvert at eliscal@tiscali.co.uk or 01588 630776 (membership enquiries)

site maintained by Enterprise House who also design and print the posters


There is a list of all the films shown by the Film Society 1978-2013

in the History Section