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Bishops Castle Film Society

Programme 2018/19 season
All Films start at 8pm

12th September 2018
Lady Bird
dir Greta Gerwig USA 2017 93m


26th September
The Party
dir. Sally Potter. UK 2017, 72m

10th October 2018
Hotel Salvation
dir. Shubhashsh Bhutiani. Indian. 2016. 102m


24th October 2018
dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev. Russia. 2017. 127m


7th Nov 2018
Lacombe, Lucien

dir. Louis Malle. France. 1974. 132m

21st November 2018
Ghost Stories
dir. Andy Nyman & Jeremy Dyson. UK. 2018. 98m


5th December 2018
The Square

dir Rubin Ostlund . Sw. 2017. 151m


9th January 2019

dir. Jay Roach. US. 2015. 124m

23rd January 2019
God’s Own Country
dir. Francis Lee. UK. 2017. 104m

6th February 2019

dir Lucrecia Martel Argentina 2017. 115m

20th February 2019
Argerich [aka Bloody Daughter]
dir Stephanie Argerich, 2012.  95m


6th March 2019
Sweet Country

dir Warwick Thornton. Australia. 2018. 113m

20th March 2019
The Illlumination

dir Krzysztof Zanussi. Poland. 1973



3rd April 2019
Bombshell: The Hedy Lamar Story

dir. Alexandra Dean. US. 2018. 88m